Monday, September 8, 2014



There is a responsibility I have oftentimes ignored. Ignoring it caused me to lose sight of what was truly important and passively reject heavenly power from our gracious God. The responsibility I rejected was prayer.

I failed my family each day that I refused to humble myself and go before God in prayer. My family does not need my earthly wisdom or for me to share concepts with them from what I have learned. They need heavenly wisdom that is attained at the throne of God. They need a leader who is not lazy or careless to neglect the most important time of the day—which is prayer. I cannot afford to only go before God when times are rough, bills are many, finances are low, and faith is all but gone. My time of prayer must be mandatory, and it must be private. It must be an act that is displayed in Heaven but closed off from the world's eyes. It is righteous for me to expect an open response from God; however, I know His open response is contingent on my private act of prayer. He sees our private giving, and He rewards openly. And the greatest gift I can possibly give my family, my community, and my God is all of me in private prayer. It must be an act of desperation as if to say, “I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT!” A prideful man cannot and will not do it because his hope is in himself. However, a follower of Christ recognizes he is a servant. That is all he is—a servant. He humbles himself to learn from the Teacher, becomes uncomfortable in the world to become comfortable in His presence, and lays his sin-soaked heart down so it can be changed and wiped clean.

Husbands and fathers, there is a special responsibility reserved for us to accomplish daily. It is one that requires discipline, love and sacrifice. It is the discipline of prayer. Make it mandatory to rise early or to retire to bed late to pray. It is an act of love and humility. Pray for guidance, wisdom, protection and faith to confront any task with grace, strength and mercy. Our leadership begins at the throne of God in heartfelt prayer, and it continues as we give ourselves to His work throughout the day. Ravenhill said it best: "The secret to prayer is praying in secret." This is your responsibility—your greatest act of love.

I task you to humble yourself and pray. Who does your house serve? Is it God? Is it money? Is it sports? Is it other extracurricular activities? Who or what is it? I would recommend that you search your calendar to find the answer. We cannot devote more time to earthly pleasures while neglecting our family at home. That is a dangerous mistake to make.

I charge you by the authority of our Lord Jesus to pray each time you are compelled. Go before God and tell Him about your apprehension to pray because of your lack of understanding concerning it. He will answer you; He will teach you. The Holy Spirit will fill you; He will guide you. You do not have to carry your “macho persona” into the closet with you when you pray. Lay down your personality and open your mouth to speak to Him. You will go in fully naked and exposed but come out replenished and clothed in majestic power. Leave your earthly intellectualism at the door before entering the closet to pray but take faith with you. 

I truly believe that God speaks with the intention of being heard. Once He is heard, He speaks with the intention of being obeyed!

Single men, the responsibility to pray also sits with you. Make it a practice now so you will be proficient later on. He needs that one-on-one time with you. It is not optional so do not make it that way. Pray, brother! Pray.


  1. This is some raw hardcore truth.... I really appreciate how you put everything into perspective and relevant. Thanks, I really appreciate your words of motivation, encouragement and push to excellence.

  2. Thank you Pastor Cornelius. I'm still single but this is coming to me as a challenge to rise up and take responsibility for my future. THANK YOU